Printing Foils

  • Our high-tech premium printing foils are completely designed for use with the 123 ribbon printer.
  • The high-tech premium printing foil is characterized by a high-precision embossing behavior on the materials MoirĂ©, Supersatin, Satin, Supersatin Premium, plastic and paper.
  • The combination of the high-tech premium printing foil with the 123 ribbon printer guarantees a print result that meets the highest demands.
  • During the manufacturing process according to ISO 9001: 2000 quality controls are carried out by our executing staff at the production site. This ensures the high quality of Wax and Resign. The use of environmentally friendly materials, sustainability and the minimization of the ecological footprint are further important aspects in the production of high-tech premium printing foils.
  • With a valid HRMTEC Care package, the respective discount on the high-tech premium print foil is automatically granted.
  • The high-tech premium printing foils buy easily at our E-Shop.
Printing Foils